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Northridge, California
Since 1974

We’re happy to announce the acquisition of a new building that will add approximately 10,000 square feet to our facility, almost doubling our manufacturing and office space. The new space is currently under construction and will be available soon!

Who We Are

Founded in 1974 Romakk Engineering Specializes in Precision Machining and Assembly for the Aerospace and Defense Industries.


When you entrust your valuable work to us, you are assured of our proven record of reliability. Our many satisfied clients can attest to the fact that our reliability for delivering high quality, accurate products on time is unmatched in the industry. Our reliability not only gives you peace of mind, but reduces your costs for vendor follow-up. Experience our reliability and you'll be very pleasantly surprised at what it can do for you!


Extending beyond mere honesty, Romakk is proud of its enviable reputation of being recognized as a company of the highest integrity. You can be certain that we will do everything we can to protect this valuable asset which we have earned over the years. When it comes to the issue of costs, you are assured that we maintain the tightest possible controls of this important element of our business; the benefits of which are enjoyed by our clients. Our integrity pays off by giving you consistent honest value for money.


Many businesses "talk" service. We have proved that we deliver it! Because of our unique management controls, you can be assured that service to our clients receives the highest possible attention. A substantial part of our reputation has been built on the quality and reliability of our service. At Romakk excellent service is not an "option," it is standard! Why not let us prove to you by our actions, and not mere words, that we can meet and exceed your service expectations


With over a quarter of a century of successful service to our clients, we have built up unparalleled experience in our industry. The benefit of this experience is passed on to our clients in many ways, not the least of which is in the quality of our workmanship. Due to our unique management style, our experience is shared throughout our team of highly skilled machinists. This ensures the highest possible levels of quality in our products which gives our clients peace of mind and confidence in doing business with us. Let us prove to you that quality pays!












Romakk History

Romaak Engineering is a CNC machine shop specializing in manufacturing high precision components and integrated assemblies for the aerospace, defense, and commercial industries. The Company's primary products are built-to-spec components for the aerospace and defense industries.

Romakk has a proven track record supported by 44 years of ongoing business. With its niche range of services and products, the Company’s marketing efforts focus on securing long term contracts with aerospace and defense contractors, nationally and internationally. With a large customer base and solid reputation, the Company continues to attract new customers while maintaining its reputation with existing ones.